I am losing my mind because of my lack of sleep thanks to the two cats in this house. Fuck this.


Kali 19th c. Calcutta

Like I am glad I get to work closing shifts because then I can sleep in after being woken up by one cat. I feel my mental health being affected by the constant meowing.

I just want to have one night without one of the cats meowing like a fucking asshole and waking me up at 5 am.

My phone lags so much. I hate it. Time to delete a lot of things of it.


The dark horse will one day come

To free the light from all of us

One day the dark horse will come

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I dislike not being able to sleep because I keep thinking of people I miss hanging out with.


jsyk, only 2.9% of the population in Canada is black, and yet black Canadians makes 80% of prisons and are mostly likely to get mistreated in them

tell me again racism doesn’t exist Canada. (: 

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That moment of dread that scares me so much


a guide for people who can’t tell the 90s from the early 2000s apart

  • if people are dressed in neon, it’s the 90simage
  • if people are dressed in space age metallics, it’s the 2000simage

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